A frozen pond is hoisted into the air with a crane in this installation at Art Lot in   Brooklyn. Reinforced with a lacework of wood and rebar, the pond is a cast of the landscape that, suspended and perpendicular to its normal resting position, has lost its land-body, become a face, and exchanges a glance with us. A pond, normally approached from higher ground, is below us at our feet. But uprooted and suspended at head level, it becomes a juxtaposition rather than a hierarchy of being.

A gem in the clouds, backlit by sun, a peridot green. An environmental lens. A distorted magnifying glass- concentrating sunlight, fire out of ice. A frozen stained glass window that calls away from the material to the immaterial. Suspended like a fish, it has become one digestible chunk. Caught at a juncture between time arrested and time passing.

In their statement Pop Paradigms (color, texture & the quixotic) curators Natalia Zubko and Aimee Burg write:

The Art Lot is pleased to present POP Paradigms - an outdoor summer group show of new, large-scale, sculptural works by Marin Abell, Kyla Chevrier, Lorraine Dauw, Nate Heiges, and Catherine Telford-Keogh. POP Paradigms explores romantic notions of time to create a roaming, restless energy. Bold colors and varied textures generate movement, but time and perspective shift as pieces freeze, swell, wash away, fade and deteriorate.

The use of color in POP Paradigms reflects the energy and feeling akin to

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the summer months. In each instance, the color invites or entices the viewer in what becomes a gateway to a more contemplative, pensive set of worlds that are frozen, slowly morphing, or mesmerizing fields & shapes. The textures range from lumpy, bumpy & dense to smooth, glassy & open forming tangents and parallels between pieces. The romantic notions of pieces changing in time or shifting perspectives keep the show in a flux that continually injects renewed curiosity.

Using the landscape as a mold, Abell’s Frozen Pond casts a peridot gem. A bright red crane lifts it into the sky, as a rose window, so one can experience the usually unseen side of a body of water. The scale and point-of-view provokes a tension, shifting hierarchies, hoisting earth to sky, illuminating the wondrous to a human scale, creating a meditative lens.

frozen pond

For more project related documentation visit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/82481889@N08/sets/72157639916944463/

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