This exhibit at Zyrkle House Galleries in Harrisonburg, VA featured work inspired by the density of activity within city blocks in New York City. On my way to work in Queens, I was entranced by the stratification of activities in high-rise buildings - the ground floors occupied by stores, restaurants, galleries; higher up were  gymnasiums, fencing arenas, textile mills; then came the offices and apartments. When the 7 train emerged above ground I could look back and see people dwelling in its underground spaces. Once in Queens I was struck by the close proximity of cultural structures - a detention center, a public school, the museum... ecosystems taking root in abandoned lots. Everything confined to a grid. This installation was a smooth space of three components: 1) traditional art materials and processes-  cast aluminum and plaster, modeling clay, and paint; 2) construction materials- concretes, silicones, and rebar; and finally 3) organic materials such as living virginia creeper, one of the first weeds to re-territorialize the built environment.

the shape of smoke

A landscape of anticlines and synclines formed under the pressure of car-jacks, and resulting flows of polyurethane sealants.

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